Tressa & Evan

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Wedding - October 17th, 4:00pm

Welcome Dinner - October 15th, 8:00pm

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October 17, 2024

Four In The Afternoon
Almiral de la Font
Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain

The Celebration

Following the Ceremony
Just a Few Steps Down the Path
Dinner, Drinks & Dancing

Can you guess what our first dance song will be?


Garden Party

If you want to match our theme, feel free to wear our wedding colors! Inspired by a sunset, our colors are pink, red, orange, and yellow.

How to get there

More details to come

We are in the works to schedule shuttles from the Hotel Calipolis in Sitges to and from the venue on the wedding day. While you may drive, parking is limited. A taxi is also recommended.

Travel and Lodging

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What days do I need to be there?

The welcome dinner is Tuesday, October 15th, with the wedding on Thursday, October 17th.
We recommend arriving the day before the welcome dinner, Monday, October 14th, to ensure plenty of rest after traveling and adjustment to the timezone.

How do we get there?

We recommend flying into Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN). Typically the flights from the west coast of the US are in two parts, with a layover somewhere in between. We really enjoyed Aer Lingus, with the layover in Dublin. On the other side, we did not enjoy going through Newark and having to recheck our luggage and travel to an entirely different building and gate, and go through security again during our travel back home.

From there, you may take a taxi, rent a car, or take other public transportation to your accommodations. The train system in Spain is robust, and is pretty straightforward. Highly recommend downloading and using Google Maps as the app can help you plan your travel via multiple forms of transit. Note: while you may get ads or suggestions for Cabify (basically Uber), it will not work with a US phone number (ask me how I know).

Where should we stay?

Depending on your preference, you have multiple options. The venue is north of the seaside town of Sitges, which is about 24 miles from Barcelona.

If you choose to stay in Sitges, this may be the easiest option. The welcome dinner is held at PicNic in Sitges, and on the day of the wedding, we will have shuttles to and from the Hotel Calipolis to the venue to encourage the party and safety. We recommend staying at the Hotel Calipolis (which we have a discount code: WEDBRI), or any of the Medium Hotels in Sitges.

If you choose to stay in Barcelona, you can travel to Sitges on the metro train (about 30 mins, an €10 round trip ticket). We recommend staying near the Gothic Quarter, as there is quite a bit of shopping and sightseeing to do around there.

What is there to do?

What is there not to do!

Evan highly recommends the Monserrat Monastery. This will take most of the day (taking the train there, the GONDOLA, and just the overall visit to the Monastery), but is so worth it.
Tressa recommends Casa Batlló, one of many of Gaudi's masterpieces. This will take only a few hours, but is absolutely beautiful.

For restaurants, we both loved Xera in Barcelona and Bar Tomeu in Sitges.

This is us

... and Bear of course

Just two people who fell in love

over and over and over again

At over 9 years together, the two of us have built a wonderful life together, full of joy and friendship and love. We met in college, two awkward kids who were trying to strike out on their own and find ourselves. After attending UW, we moved in together, very quickly got a puppy, and been growing and learning as we adjusted to post-college life. Today, we continue to try new experiences together, learn new things, and fall more in love each day.